The construction industry is focused on the construction, demolition, renovation, maintenance or repair of buildings and infrastructures and operates in this field.

According to Isna’s report, according to Iran’s vendor list, this industry includes a wide range of services. This service includes planning, building plan design, mapping, material selection, building retrofitting, and even final services such as painting, plastering, and decorating the exterior and interior of the building.
Construction is one of the oldest and largest industries in the world. Construction has traditionally been a contracting business since time immemorial, involving a large number of trades with various services. The construction industry is now one of the largest industries in any major economy. This industry has a significant contribution to the national economy and provides employment to a large number of people. Let’s examine the construction industry and all its aspects once and for all to get more familiar with its concepts. In this article, we are trying to answer the question of what the construction industry is and how it is defined by experts and regulatory bodies. We also depict the various opportunities and challenges of this industry.

Definition of construction industry

Construction is a general term that means the use of architectural art and technical knowledge to form buildings, structures or structures. Construction includes the processes related to the delivery of buildings, infrastructure and industrial facilities and related activities until the end of their life. This industry usually starts with planning, financing, design, implementation, construction and covers maintenance and improvement works.

Types of construction

The construction process from beginning to end is not an easy task. Construction always requires a lot of money and investment. Although the construction of the building is time-consuming and exhausting, the result will be a permanent and lasting asset for us. The process of building construction is a systematic work done by skilled people. Therefore, care must be taken in the construction stages of any building. Before planning the construction projects of the building, you should consider the important aspects of the house construction process, such as the purpose of construction, financial ability and time. Every type of construction has a fundamental role in conceptualizing and forming this industry. From stadiums to bus stations, high streets to hospitals, the construction industry builds and shapes the world around us.

House construction

When new homes are built for occupancy, renovated, updated or converted, it is a special type of construction. House construction is vital for communities because it must be completely safe and comfortable for residents, and of course, it must be environmentally friendly.

Commercial and industrial construction

Buildings that are used for commercial or industrial purposes are usually used by various businesses, offices, organizations or large companies and are another type of construction. These huge structures, which are more complex than houses, are implemented as large construction projects and usually take several years to build. There will definitely be a lot of people moving around in these tall buildings, so they must be designed to be completely safe.


The implementation of infrastructure means the foundation of everything that helps to connect cities and rural areas. This type of construction can include roads and bridges. This type of construction is vital for the economy of any country and various businesses are engaged in this field.